At Royal Upholstery of Spokane, Washington, we know that your car is your chariot, and your chariot needs to be fit for royalty! We give every car, truck, RV, motorcycle and more the “royal treatment,” with the best auto upholstery service in the Inland Northwest.

Royal Upholstery is the largest store for upholstery supplies in the Inland Northwest and we provide a number of reupholstery services for furniture, automotive, commercial and marine. When it comes to auto upholstery and upholstery repair, trust the experts at Royal Upholstery.

Our auto upholstery, upholstery repair, and reupholstery services include:

Auto Interior Upholstery

Seats, door panels, headliners and more. From all-leather interiors to materials such as fabric or vinyl, Royal Upholstery can repair or reupholster your car or truck from top to bottom.

Motorcycle Seat Upholstery

Your motorcycle is always exposed to the elements, even when you’re not riding it. This leads to a lot of wear on leather or fabric and eventually it will need to be repaired. Reupholster your motorcycle seat with Royal Upholstery.

Royal Upholstery is located in the Inland Northwest, in Spokane, Washington.

We offer the largest selection of upholstery supplies and can offer you the best reupholstery, upholstery repair, auto upholstery, marine upholstery, and furniture upholstery services.


Every upholstery job is different, so call us or get a quote today! We’ll guide you through every step of your upholstery repair or reupholstery job to make sure you get the royal treatment. 

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