Tear-Aid Boxed Roll Type-B (Vinyl)

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Type-B Sticks to:
Vinyl and vinyl-coated material only. Vinyls have oils that are absorbed by most adhesives which causes the adhesive to turn gooey, gummy, and ultimately lose bond. Tear-Aid Type-B vinyl repair patches contain an inhibitor that blocks the oils found in vinyls resulting in a long-lasting repair.
Patch Kit includes:
1) 3” x 5’ roll; use scissors to cut to size.

• Holds air & water under pressure even when stretched.
• See-thru patch works with all colors.
• Instant adhesion with no sewing.
• Conforms to irregular surfaces.
• Won’t turn gummy in high heat.
• UV resistance inhibits yellowing for years.
• Cuts easily to any size with scissors.
• No glue tubes; no messy liquid adhesives to apply.
• Elastic patch that won’t pull off when stretched.
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