Vinyl Mender Patches

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Includes 3 Vinyl Repair patches. Vinyl Mender Clear Adhesive Patch uses Advanced Acrylic Adhesive Technology to repair Rips, Tears & Leaks in Vinyl & Fabric. It is the clear alternative to Duct Tape. Use Vinyl Mender to patch and repair a variety of outdoor and indoor items including vinyl upholstery and smooth, non-porous fabrics, tents, tarps, rain gear, fishing waders and more.
Bonds to:
• Fiberglass
• Vinyl Surfaces
• Nylon
• Acrylic Fabric
• Leather
• Neoprene
• Metal Surfaces
• Synthetic Fabrics
• Polypropylenes
• Polyethylenes
• Polyurethanes
• Finished Wood Surfaces
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